Scientifically enhanced

media experiences.

Are you looking for ways to make a character more sympathetic, or a mystery more intriguing?

Would you like your survival horror to be scarier, or your open world to feel more immersive?

Maybe you want the lessons from your educational game or VR training program to transfer better to the classroom or workplace respectively.

In Prime Effect we will transform scientific data into easy to apply recommendations that will help you deliver the experience your audience or players deserve, whether you want to entertain, educate or promote change.

Hugo Aranzaes

Lead Researcher

A bilingual Psychologist with more than an decade of experience researching and writing scientific articles about Narrative-Based Media, Hugo Aranzaes has collaborated with researchers from different countries and fields, written articles for trade publications and presented his work at international conferences. As a result, he can transform complex data into evidence-based actionable insights for developers, story-tellers and educators, as well as design the experiments necessary to test them.


Story & Characters

Find out how to structure your story to provoke the desired response. Make the audience fall in love or absolutely despise your characters. Provide memorable scenes that will leave them wanting more.

Immersion & Emotion

Make your players feel like they are in another world and discover how to trigger an optimal experience of flow. Do not settle for good old fun and excitement, when you can unlock the potential of appreciation through mixed emotions.

Persuasion & Monetization

Take ownership of the most effective ways to influence your players’ attitudes and behaviors. Become an agent of learning and change while providing a rewarding but profitable experience.

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