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A Unique Blend of Creativity and Research Methods

Different versions of your content can lead to different results. Discover the most effective, before your campaign even starts.

Evidence-Based Media

Most agencies stop working as soon as content is released.

Prime Effects creates different versions of your media, and measures their effects on the emotions and behavioral disposition of your target audience.

This way, you always obtain the best performing product possible.

Join forces with the first evidence-based media agency in the market!

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We were looking for a simple explainer. Instead we got three versions and a report indicating which one had a bigger chance of changing the attitudes of our viewers. Truly invaluable.

H. A. Robilliard, DFC Lighting

The capacity to test our ads in different locations proved to be incredibly helpful. Our marketing campaign is now more efficient and effective than ever.

Katelyn Sieber, English Teacher Sessions



Introduce your product, service or idea, in a clear and engaging manner;  by using the most visually outstanding animations, infographics and stock footage. All carefully adapted to your needs.

Corporate Films

Inspire your followers or attract new investors, with story driven content crafted by talented writers, animators and editors. Provoke the desired response while presenting your brand in a flawless visual style.

Media Testing & Analysis

Create more emotionally engaging and response inducing media. Get recommendations based on the latest scientific studies, and test their effects on specific groups defined by behavior, language and location around the world.

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About Us

We are a team of Psychologists and Media Researchers with years of experience in multi-disciplinary collaborations, and presentations at international conferences.

Today, we use our skills and knowledge to discover new and exciting ways to help creators provide audiences with more engaging and meaningful content.

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